Hug-A-Bubba's is proud to offer sleepover home care in a tranquil country environment located in Scappoose, Oregon. Here, your furry friend will get plenty of exercise and a great deal of one-on-one attention. We currently have one acre of fully fenced play area for your pet to romp and play! Our quiet home surroundings will alleviate any stress that your pet may have when they are away from you, and it will feel like their home away from home!

Bedding will be provided for your pet to sleep on, but we are more than happy to accommodate their home bedding if you feel they will be more comfortable. We will also provide plenty of toys and treats for your dog. If your pet has special needs (such as allergies, medical conditions, or disabilities) please let us know ahead of time. If you have a special food preference for your dog, please provide plenty of food for their stay. If you do not have a food preference, Natural Balance Pet Foods will be proudly served to your pet. Please clearly mark and label all food bags, supplements, and medications with pet's name and clearly list amount to be given or administered each day! Also, please make sure your pet is here by NOON on the day of arrival!

We want to assure you that our trained staff is committed to ensuring each pet has a fun and safe time at Hug-A-Bubba's and is kept in a regularly sanitized environment! We look forward to spending time with your furry friend! Thank You for choosing Hug-A-Bubba's!