Hourly Rate: $11.00 per hour
Half Day (4 hours): $26.00
Single Full Day Visit: $36.00
Additional Dogs: $26.00 (per day, per extra dog)
5 Day Pass: $170.00 ($34.00 per day)
10 Day Pass: $330.00 ($33.00 per day)
20 Day Pass: $600.00 ($30.00 per day)
Second Dog 5 Day Pass: $130.00 ($26 per day)
Second Dog 10 Day Pass: $250.00 ($25 per day)
Second Dog 20 Day Pass: $540.00 ($27 per day)  
Daycare and Grooming Combo: $25.00 + Grooming fee (dog must be evaluated for daycare approval and have up to date vaccinations for this combo package)  
Pet Taxi: $17.00 one way
Medication: $3.00 per day
Food: $5.00 per day (for boarding guests that do not bring food)
Sleepovers: $50.00 per night and additonal $23.00 if pickup is after 2 pm on pickup day
Second Dog Sleepovers: $43.00 per night
Third Dog Sleepovers: $37.00 per night


Days on packages do not need to be used consecutive, but must be used within (3) months. Ask about multiple dog discounts. Day passes are available for full day only, half day passes are not available.

Late Charges: $1.00 per minute after closing

Grooming Pricing:

We offer a variety of services but pricing is difficult without seeing the size, breed and condition of the dog. Please call 503.291.0010 to get a base estimate price for your dog and once your make an appointment you will have a personal consultation with your groomer. We also offer à la carte grooming services which are priced as follows:

Shave Paw Pads: $4.00

External Anal Gland Expression: $10.00

Santiary Trim/Shave: $10.00

Ear Cleaning: $5.00