Sleepover Rates:
Sleepover: $45.00 per night
2nd Dog Sleepover: $38.00 per night
3rd + Dog Sleepover: $22.00 per night
Sunday Pick-up: $30.00 flat rate (Beaverton location only)
Pickup & deliver: $17.00 one way
Medication: $2.00 per day
Special Needs Charges: To be discussed with staff
Hug-A-Bubba's Food: $2.00 per day (this fee is only charged if owner does not provide food)

Grooming Rates:
We offer a variety of bath & brush and full grooming services but pricing is difficult without seeing the size, breed and condition of the dog. Price determined by breed (will discuss price with client at drop-off). We also offer additional or standalone grooming services which are priced as follows:

Nails: $10.00
Ear Cleaning: $5.00
Face Trim: $10.00
Sanitary Trim: $10.00
Paw Pad Clean-up: $4.00